NEW Wizza Visual Studio Code Theme

Open-Source Projects

Wizza - Visual Studio Code theme

Dark theme for Visual Studio Code.

AMP for e-mail boilerplate

AMP for email boilerplate and collection of interactive AMP-elements

Helder CSS Framework

CSS framework and SASS boilerplate with minimalistic designed components. Ensures consistency between browsers.

HTML demo-pages

Modular landing pages developed with Helder. CSS Framework.

Marketing Automation solutions

Email configurator

A platform-independent master template consisting of reusable building blocks.

Interactive elements toolbox

Collection of reusable interactive email elements with a special mode to view time estimates and save notes.

Email toolkit

Collection of frameworks, templates, tools, workflows, and many more interesting topics to build faster and better emails. This saves time by looking up the same data over and over again.

Email preflight checklist

Pilots also perform their preflight checklist on every flight and check all essential parts before taking off. However, experienced they may be. A powerful tool that keeps you sharp with the right subjects and can be completed in a few minutes.

Selligent reporting tool

Email reporting module that easily generates statistics from an email campaign.

Dynamic email upload tool

An dashboard where dynamic content blocks can be added to a customer journey.

Web development

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Mercedes-Benz, smart, Avero, Wensink, GrandVision, Kwik-Fit, Zilveren Kruis, Volkswagen Pon Financial Services.