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A collection of the best (free) email templates

January 2020
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For all marketers and developers who need a litmus-proof template quickly

Are you done with the fact that you always have to duplicate outdated emails, or even worse the complaints you get about that? Ever spent hours looking for the cause of a bug that is preventing your email from showing up properly in an email client?

For all marketers and developers who need a litmus-proof template quickly. Here are some free email templates that have been tested in popular clients. Many of these templates are managed by a permanent community or specialized team. This means they are regularly updated with updates!


Open Source Email Templates. Responsive, Free, and Community Driven
Mailchimp Email Blueprints
Collection of HTML email templates that can serve as a solid foundation and starting point for the design of emails.
Responsive Transactional HTML Email Templates
Each template is responsive and each has been tested in all the popular email clients.
A few simple, but solid patterns for responsive HTML email templates and newsletters. Even in Outlook and Gmail.
Beautiful responsive email templates with code as beautiful as email templates can be
Free Responsive template : Slate
Five pre-tested templates that work with any mailing servic
Email boilerplate
The email boilerplate for sending out nicely formatted messages.
Responsive HTML Email Templates for Developers, Marketers & Startups


My personal preference is Cerberus. Cerberus forms a solid foundation with the most commonly used sections.

I have also used this email as a basis when developing a master template that is completely litmus-proof. The modular design of this master template makes it easy to expand. It is therefore also possible to use dynamic content so that you can send the right message to the right person at the right time. The three pillars for relevant content.

If you want to know more about this, I will be happy to tell you about it!